Become a Home Owner Today!

Our Mission

To afford everyone the dream of home ownership regardless of past or current financial situation.

Who Is This For?

You want home ownership but do not quite have the financial profile to be approved by a bank.

How It Works

  1. You find homes of interest that are for sale to create your “wish list” (LTI can assist)
  2. LTI will review your “wish list”
  3. LTI will review your financial situation
  4. LTI will secure one of your wish list homes and enter into a Bond (Contract) for Deed with you
    1. Your purchase terms are locked in at this point.  They will not change during the duration of the contract regardless of what happens to you or the market.
  5. LTI will offer credit counseling and financial advising to ensure you get qualified through a traditional bank in a timely manner.  We have lending strategic partners to get you there ASAP.
  6. When you are ready (usually 12-24 months), you will “refinance” the house through a traditional bank given the original purchase terms we set and our Contract will be cancelled


LTI is essentially acting as an intermediary bank. By first assisting you in “locking in” your new home, we then work hand-in-hand with you to improve your credit and finances while working with our proven mortgage partners to ensure you get to the point of outright home ownership as soon as possible.

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