Realize the Dream of Home Ownership

We can tailor any situation to meet your goals. No matter your financial situation or credit history, we will find a path to your dream home.


Owner Financing/ Contract for Deed

These options put the buyer in ownership. This type of transaction is not based on credit or past/current financial situation. With that said, we do assess each buyer and help them improve their financial standing so that in the future they may be able to refinance at a lower interest rate with a bank.  There is a traditional closing, and the mortgage and deed are recorded in the county clerk’s office under the buyers name, just like a traditional sale.

This strategy has allowed us to make dozens of families home owners that would have otherwise not been able to achieve that goal.

We work with buyers and help them improve their credit score at no additional charge.


Rent to Own/Lease Purchase

This option is ideal for a person who does not meet the minimum requirement to owner finance/contract for deed, and does not have the minimum credit score to buy a home utilizing conventional financing. This plan consists of a two-to-three year lease with your purchase price is locked in. Each month, $100 is applied to the purchase of the home, and we match the $100.

(For example: A 24 month buyer has $2400 kept in escrow and we match $2400 giving them $4800 plus the damage deposit to use for either down payment or to convert to an owner finance scenario.)

We work with buyers and help them improve their credit score at no additional charge.


Bad Credit Score? We Can Help

Allow our team of experts to review your financial situation and offer a strategy to get you on the path to home ownership!


Traditional Rent/Lease

Whether you plan to live in an area temporarily, or simply do not wish to own a home at this time, we can put you in the right house at a great price.


Traditional Purchase

We offer several different programs for credit qualified buyers. We save home buyers thousands of dollars because we do not charge a commission and are adept in a multitude of government programs benefiting buyers through the traditional purchase process.

The 6% traditional commission charged on a real estate purchase is passed on to you, the buyer, in the form of savings, down payment, a lower monthly payment, etc.

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